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INSI Timeline Updated

Current Phase

Projects are currently underway that will deliver reliable, high-speed Internet to 99% of homes and businesses in Nova Scotia. This includes municipal led projects in Annapolis and Pictou counties. We believe Nova Scotia will be among the first provinces in Canada to reach this level of coverage.

Since the first Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative projects were announced in February 2020, approximately 41,000 of a total of 87,200 homes and businesses already have the network in place to provide new or improved high-speed internet, and providers are working to connect the rest as quickly as possible.

Work will continue with internet providers in an effort to reach as close to 100 per cent of homes and businesses as possible.

The total investment to date of $163 million by the province through the Nova Scotia Internet Funding Trust has leveraged $137 million of additional funding, of which $118 million is from the private sector.

All projects approved to date for funding by the trust provide at least target speeds required by the CRTC (50 Mbps down/10 Mbps up for wired, 25 Mbps down/5 Mbps up for wireless, with a demonstrated plan to reach 50 Mbps).


With Round 1 projects announced in February 2020, approximately 18,000 homes and businesses have the network in place to offer new or improved high-speed Internet. Providers are working to make customer connections as quickly as possible. All projects in this round are complete or nearing completion.

Round 2 projects announced in September 2020 mean an additional 32,000 homes and businesses are anticipated to have access to high-speed Internet in the form of fibre to the home: 11,000 by Summer 2021, 21,000 by end of 2021 and all 32,000 by Summer 2022. (Based on current information available).

Scope Expansion projects announced in November 2020 will provide access to an additional 6,700 homes and businesses. And, a second round of Scope Expansion projects announced in January 2021 will provide access to 5,600 more homes and businesses.

With COVID-19 in play, we’ve been working with our Internet Service Providers to review all current projects with an aim to go faster where possible. Some acceleration efforts took place for first round projects with up to $15M available from the Trust as part of the $193M.

We will continue to look at options to move all projects forward faster if possible. We will also continue to work to eliminate red tape, speed-up regulatory approvals and ensure better coordination among all of the people working to bring service to your doors.

This project will help Nova Scotians in the long term, but we also want to support people working and living differently during COVID-19 by making it easier for them to work and make social connections.

Next Phase

We are committed to covering as close to 100% of Nova Scotian homes and businesses as possible.

For any areas not included in the approved projects announced in Rounds 1 and 2, including scope expansion projects, please know that we are not done. We continue to work with pre-qualified providers to look at next steps to work to provide access to connections where possible and will provide updates as soon as we are able.

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