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To learn about Scope Expansion projects announced January 25, 2021, click here

Homes/Businesses with New Access
$  M
NS Internet Trust Investment
Service Provider
Fibre to home/business, Signal off a tower
Connection Technology

Communities in this zone

If you don’t see your home or community in projects listed to date, please know we will be urgently looking at next steps to extend service to remaining communities and will continue to provide updates here as they are available. We remain committed to cover as close to 100% of Nova Scotian homes and businesses as possible.

All communities in this area

In response to the demand for reliable Internet, Xplornet has fast-tracked the project, constructing 19 broadcast sites in a matter of months to bring members of the community better internet services by Fall 2020.

This will be followed by a hybrid fibre wireless broadband service build out which will further enhance the network as well as each customer’s internet experience. We are excited to share our engineers are on the ground now and construction has begun. We are counting down with you and will provide updates on our progress.

Xplornet has updated plan availability options on their website to include coverage for all towers. When a customer enters their postal code, it will show them the plans that are available. The content that is feeding this is:
1) Live towers – actual coverage information
2) Pending towers – anticipated coverage information

When customers call in from a pending tower area, their Sales Agents will walk them through the fact that coverage will be confirmed once the tower is live and before an install is scheduled. Visit to sign up or call Xplornet at 1-877-969-3152 and they will let you know as soon as there is service available at your address.

Fibre to home/business
Signal off a tower
Anticipated Completion:
December 2023
* Estimated completion date for all projects announced before March 2021, to be further defined as coverage maps become available.

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