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Queens North

Postal Code Areas: B0S, B0T, B0J, B0R, B4V

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
March-May 2022

Note: Some addresses may not have been entered into Bell’s Customer Service Centre, at time of update.

If you do not see your address listed and are unserved or underserved for high-speed Internet, please email

Community notes:

  • Some additional make ready work required.
  • Addresses with access to date are posted here, as available.
  • Contact Bell for information on options, pricing and installation.

Communities included:

Albany New, Archies Falls, Back Hill Brook, Baker Point, Ballou Cove, Ballou Point, Bangs Falls, Barren Meadow Brook, Baxters Meadow Brook, Beach Pond, Bear Cove, Bear Falls, Beartrap Brook, Beartrap Lake, Beaver Brook, Beaverhead Lake, Big Brother Island, Big Glode Island, Big La Mouna Island, Black Brook, Boyles Hill, Bryden Lake, Buggy Hole, Buggy Hole Brook, Buggy Hole Falls, Bull Moose Brook, Butler Hill, Cameron Lake, Camerons Brook Provincial Park, Carver Brook, Cobbles Cove, Cole Brook, Colpton, Cow Island, Cow Moose Bay, Dean Lake, Deep Brook, DeLong Lake, Donnellan Lake, Dukeshires Lower Falls, Dukeshires Stillwater, Dukeshires Upper Falls, Eds Island, Eel Lake, Eel Weir Stillwater, Eighteen Mile Brook, Eighteen Mile Brook Nature Reserve, Eighteen Mile Meadows, Eleven Mile Brook, Faulkenham Brook, Fifteen Mile Brook, First Christopher Lake, Flinn Lake, Glodes Falls, Grassy Point, Harmony Lake, Harry Lake, Hen Lake, Hibernia, Hibernia Wildlife Management Area, Hog Lake, Hog Lake Meadow Brook, Holdrights Lake, Horse Lake, Hunt Island, Irwin Lake, Island Falls, Joe Tom Lake, Keddy Brook, Kempt, Kempt Lake, Kempton Falls, Kempton Lake, Laurel Lake, Little Brother Island, Little Bullmoose Lake, Little Glode Island, Little La Mouna Island, Little Moosehorn Lake, Little Tumbling Falls, Little Tupper Lake, Liverpool River, Long Cove Brook, Long Falls, Maitland Bridge, Maplesue Point, Martin Lake, McBride Brook, McGowan Lake, Meadow Brook, Meagher Brook, Meagher Lake, Menchan Lake, Middlefield, Mill Brook, Mill Falls, Mill Lake, Millys Bend, Minard Lake, Mint Brook, Molega, Molega Beach, Molega North, Moose Island, Moose Pit Brook, Moosehorn Brook, Moosehorn Lake, Mount Merrit, Mount Merrit Brook, Mountain Falls, Mud Lake, Mud Pond, Mudflat Lake, New Elm, New Grafton, North Brookfield, Northfield, Oak Point Ledges, Orde Stillwater, Pleasant River, Pleasantfield, Pollock Lake, Ponhook Lake, Ponhook Lake Nature Reserve, Pretty Mary Lake, Rebeccas Lake, Red Brook, Red Hill, Red Hill Point, Red Lake, Rocksway Island, Round Islands, Russell Lake, Salmon Bay, Scott Lake, Second Christopher Lake, Shingle Lake, Shinglemill Brook, Smokepipe Cove, South Brookfield, Spectacle Lake, Spruce Island, St. Mary Bay, Tait Run, Taylors Falls, Taylors Lake, Ten Mile Brook, Ten Mile Lake Provincial Park, The Lagoon, The Mill Privilege Falls, The S, Third Christopher Lake, Tupper Lake, Turner Island, Turtle Brook, Turtle Head, Turtle Lake, Twelve Mile Brook, Twin Lakes, Uhlman Point, Upper Black Rattle, Verge Brook, Watermans Lake, Whiteburn Brook, Wildcat, Wildcat Falls, Wildcat River

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